All manuscripts submitted for publication are subject to compulsory examination to prevent academic plagiarism. To perform the analysis of documents in National Pharmaceutical University, software Anti-Plagiarism (licensee – Khmelnytsky National University) is used.

The criteria for the originality of the text in the manuscripts are defined in the Regulations on Measures for the Prevention of Academic Plagiarism (POL A 2.8-03-101) and have the following indicators:

  • over 90% – the text of the manuscript is original (insignificant amount of borrowing);
  • from 80 to 90% – the originality of the text is satisfactory (insignificant amount of borrowing), however, it is necessary to make sure that the quotations and references to used sources are correct;
  • from 60 to 80% – the manuscript is accepted for consideration after completion by the author (authors) and the availability and correct execution of quotes and references to used sources, since it has a significant amount of borrowing;
  • less than 60% – the manuscript for consideration is not accepted and can not be recommended for printing (protection), since it has a significant amount of borrowing, which is treated as plagiarism.