: V international scientific and practical internet conference «Social pharmacy: state, problems and perspectives»

Dear colleagues!

Invite you to participate in V international scientific and practical internet conference «Social pharmacy: state, problems and perspectives», which will be held in April 25-26, 2019 the conference website is: http://socpharm.nuph.edu.ua/. The conference is included in the Register of conventions, congresses, symposiums and scientific practical conferences, which will be held in 2019 (registration certificate of Ukrainian Institute of Scientific and Technical Expertise and Information №733 of December 26, 2018).

Conference organizer: Ministry of Health of Ukraine National University of Pharmacy Department of Social Pharmacy.

The aim of the conference is to provide an intellectual platform for discussion and dissemination of cutting edge research and up-and-coming developments in Social Pharmacy. This journal is to publish papers that enrich the practice of social pharmacy while simultaneously making significant contributions to the theoretical advancement of the discipline.

Leaders and decision makers from the healthcare field, employees of pharmaceutical and medical institutions, representatives of pharmaceutical and medical device companies, employees of the pharmaceutical industry, health practitioners, health-care professionals industry representatives (i.e. Community, Institutional, Wholesale, Manufacturing, Academia and Consultant), scientists, graduate students, undergraduates, students are welcome to join the conference to network and exchange strategies with their colleagues.

The conference topics include:

˗ Social pharmacy: its role and place in modern education and science

˗ Social Medicine and Social Pharmacy – interconnection of disciplines

˗ Human – society – medicines – pharmaceutical care – spheres of interaction

˗ Social and effective mechanisms of ensuring of availability of the pharmaceutical care for the population

˗ Law and the legislation in pharmacy

˗ Social Management in the pharmaceutical sector of healthcare

˗ Moral and ethical principles of pharmaceutical activity

˗ Social tendencies of marketing in pharmacy

˗ Modern issues of palliative and hospice care

˗ Pharmacoeconomic analysis of treatment regimens of socially significant diseases

˗ Problems of the organization of pharmaceutical provision of rural population

˗ Social responsibility of business in pharmacy

˗ Historical aspects of medicine and pharmacy

˗ Organization of the pharmaceutical care in conditions of emergency situations

˗ Social and psychological aspects of pharmaceutical activity

˗ Pharmaceutical information – the current state of information support of pharmaceutical activity

Forms of participation in Conference

1. Publication theses or articles in Book of abstracts

2. Publication of article in scientific specialized edition “Social Pharmacy in Health care” (for a fee)

3. On-line report with presentation

Conference languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

All the accepted materials will be published in the Book of Abstracts. The online versions of the conference materials will be available at http://socpharm.nuph.edu.ua/. Also, authors that will participate with Virtual Presentation will receive the electronic certificate of participation (it will be dispatched to the author after the conference finishes). Book of Abstracts «Social Pharmacy: state, problems and perspectives» was registered in the international identifier printed and electronic publications ISSN.

Articles submitted to scientific specialized edition “Social Pharmacy in Health care” are issued by the requirements of journal (http://sphhcj.nuph.edu.ua/index.php/2413-6085/about/submissions).

A participant's profile is filled out for each author separately:

Participant's profile


Surname, name, patronymic of the author


Work place and position


Academic rank, scientific degree


Form of participation in the conference (publication in the Book of abstracts / journal / report)




Contact phone number




Materials should be sent as an attachment (in .docx format) by email to: socconf@ukr.net. Deadline for authors to upload their papers – April 15, 2019.

Organizing Committee Address: National University of Pharmacy, Department of Social Pharmacy (http://socpharm.nuph.edu.ua/), 61002, Kharkiv, 4, Valentinivska str., tel.: (0572) 67-91-81, e-mail: socconf@ukr.net

Head of the organizing committee – rector of NUPh, professor Alla A. Kotvitska.

Responsible Secretary – candidate of pharm., associate professor Yulia V Korzh tel. +38 (067) 787-94-56.