Development of the automated medico-pharmaceutical system in treating patients with psoriasis

A. A. Kotvitska, A. V. Cherkashyna, V. V. Carlo


Data on the current state of informatization of the healthcare branch in Ukraine are presented in the article. The necessity of creation has been proven, and the model of the integrated medico-pharmaceutical system of treating patients with psoriasis has been developed, the prospects of its use at the local (in healthcare institutions) and state (in healthcare system in general) levels have been determined. Development of 5 information modules of the model proposed has been substantiated taking into account common approaches to creation and filling the electronic registers of patients in healthcare institutions, the protocol of medical care to patients with psoriasis in Ukraine, the structure of medical records of inpatients, as well as peculiarities of the disease and the recommendations of international organizations (International Federation of Psoriasis Associations (IFPA), European Federation of Psoriasis Patient Associations (EUROPSO), National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF)) according to the assessment of the quality of life of patients with psoriasis. Creation of the integrated medico-pharmaceutical system of treatment of patients will allow to create the common database of the patients with psoriasis who are at the dispensary in healthcare institutions of the dermatovenerological profile (at the level of specific healthcare institutions in the region, the country in general), will provide collecting and storage of the necessary information for organization of the effective
treatment-and-prophylactic work and the timely provision of high-tech medical care to patients, allow to calculate and substantiate the need for drugs, this is necessary for planning of the financial and economic activity of healthcare institutions.


informatization; branch of healthcare; psoriasis; register of patients


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