Analysis of the conditions of pharmaceutical business of the Kingdom of Morocco

A. S. Nemchenko, V. I. Mishchenko, O. V. Vynnyk, A. M. Lebedin


Aim. To analyze the conditions of the modern pharmaceutical business of the Kingdom of Morocco. Historical aspects of development, cultural traditions of the country and economic problems have been studied. The factors decreasing the economic development of the country have been analyzed; they are a low level of drug consumption per capita, as well as a shortage of medical and pharmaceutical care in rural areas.
Materials and methods. The materials were the laws and regulations of Morocco, information resources on the development of medical and pharmaceutical care in the country, data on maternal and child health in the Kingdom, and the analysis indicators for the “Doing Business” international project. Such methods as content analysis, analytical, comparison, historical, retrospective, logical, and economic-statistical were used in the studies.
Results. The results of the study indicate that today the country’s pharmaceutical market is estimated in about $ 2,5 billion, which in monetary terms amounts to about 0.13 % of the global drug turnover. At the market 21 % of generic drugs of the Moroccan production have been registered, while foreign drugs prevail (79 % of antibiotics, painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs). There was a reorientation of the pharmaceutical exports to African countries, a large part of 20 % to Côte d’Ivoire. There was a decrease in the growth of the Moroccan pharmaceutical market within 2015 – 2018: the growth rate did not exceed 2.2 % (in 2013-2014 the indicator was 6 %).
Conclusions. The development of the pharmaceutical market of the Kingdom of Morocco has been found to be under the control of the Ministry of Health and relevant government agencies. The main legislative act – Law No. 17-04 adopted in 2006 is valid today and regulates the conditions for opening pharmaceutical production in the country. As for the data of the “Doing Business” international project regarding the conditions for opening and running a pharmacy business in the countries of the world, they indicate that the Kingdom of Morocco takes the middle place among countries and has a rating of 60 (190 countries participating in the 2018 rating). The most favorable conditions for conducting business were in 2016–2017.


pharmaceutical business; pharmaceutical market; drugs; pharmaceutical production; pharmacy; Kingdom of Morocco


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