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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • Це подання раніше не було опубліковане і не надсилалося до розгляду редакціям інших журналів (або у коментарях для редактора нижче дані необхідні пояснення).
  • Файл подання є документом у форматі Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, RTF або WordPerfect.
  • Інтернет-посилання у тексті супроводжуються повними коректними адресами URL.
  • Текст набраний 14-м розміром кеглю з 1,5 міжрядковим інтервалом; авторські акценти виділені курсивом, а не підкресленням (всюди, крім адрес URL); всі ілюстрації, графіки та таблиці розміщені безпосередньо у тексті, там, де вони повинні бути за змістом (а не у кінці документу).
  • Текст відповідає вимогам до стилістики та бібліографії, викладеним у Керівництві для авторів розділу "Про журнал".
  • Якщо матеріал подається у рецензований розділ журналу, при оформленні файлу подання були виконані інструкції щодо Гарантій сліпого рецензування.

Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines for publications in “SOCIAL PHARMACY IN HEALTH CARE” journal

 General requirements

“SOCIAL PHARMACY IN HEALTH CARE” journal publishes original and review articles dealing with the social, economic and organizational directions of research, as well as problems of management, quality control, technology and biotechnology in the global health care and pharmacy.

Editors accept only original articles previously unpublished and those articles that are not considered for publication in other Publishing Houses. The languages of publications are Ukrainian and English (USA).

Authors are responsible for authenticity and originality of the materials submitted. Editors reserve the right to edit articles.


The procedure of blind reviewing articles is used, which involves experienced scientists, both members of the editorial board, and external specialists, including foreign ones. The review is carried out in compliance with the Declaration of Conflict of Interest in accordance with the “Regulations on the editorial policy of scientific periodicals of NUPh”.

The final decision on the publication of the article is made by the editorial board of the journal. In case of refusal to publish materials are not returned to the authors and are not considered again.

Original articles and reviews are kept in the editorial office for 3 years.

Articles sent to authors after peer review should be returned to the editors no later than 5 days after being received by the authors. If the deadline is exceeded, the manuscript will be re-registered as received again, with a corresponding change in the date of its publication.

Requirements to the structure of the article

Authors should follow the general plan of the article composition, and scientific papers must contain the following mandatory elements:

  • Statement of the problem in general and its relation with important scientific or practical tasks.
  • Analysis of recent research and publications in which a solution of this problem was started and upon which the author refers to.
  • Identification of aspects of the problem unsolved previously, which the paper deals with.
  • Objective statement of the article (task setting).
  • Presentation of the main material of the research with full substantiation of the research results obtained.
  • Conclusions of this research and Prospects for further research in this area.
  • The list of references (in two variants) is arranged according to the order of references in the text order. The list should include publications of the last 5 years. Earlier publications are allowed only in special cases. Every publication in the reference list should be referenced in the text of the manuscript in square brackets.

Submission of Manuscripts

Articles are submitted to the editor in two copies on paper, as well as in electronic form. The second copy of the article is signed by all authors. Thus, the authors testify the observance of the Declaration of Conflict of Interest in accordance with the “Regulations on the editorial policy of scientific periodicals of NUPh”.

Authors of articles submitted to the Editorial office for publication in the journal confirm with their personal signatures on the copies of their manuscripts:

  • their consent to record-keeping of the authors’ data required for the articles processing (full name, academic title, academic degree, position and place of work, address for correspondence, office telephone, E-mail) by the publisher with the purpose of providing relations in the field of intellectual property rights, including copyright;
  • the permission for publication of personal data of the authors (full name, academic title, academic degree, place of work, office telephone, E-mail) in the journal together with the article;
  • their consent to making public the complete on-line version of the article (or abstracts) on the sites of the National University of Pharmacy, National library of Ukraine named after V. I. Vernadsky and other portals of academic periodical publications with the obligatory reference and maintenance of moral right.

With the manuscript the authors should provide a written consent (“The author’s contract” about the transfer of non-exclusive property rights for a scientific article) to make it available to be on open access of scientometric databases.

The data about authors should be given with the article on a separate sheet of paper and in the electronic version, they include: academic title, academic degree; surname, first and second name (in full); place of work and position of the author; address, telephone numbers, E-mail for correspondence, as well as the number of digital identifier ORCID iD (more detailed information can be obtained from

To the printed version of the article an electronic copy in the original language should be attached. In case of submission of the manuscript in English it is mandatory to present the Ukrainian version of the article.

Electronic versions of the article and the author’s data must be entered into Open Journal Systems through the link

Requirements for Manuscripts

The text of the article should be typed in size 14 in 1.5 spacing on a white basic standard sheet А4 (the width of the text file is 3 cm on the left, 1 cm on the right, 2 cm on the top and at the bottom); it begins with the following data: UDC, the initials and surnames of all authors the Title of the article, the names of organizations where the work is performed, the list of 5-8 key words (concepts) in Ukrainian and English. Key words are listed using a semicolon, for example: healthcare; social pharmacy; social medicine.

The article should be accompanied with two Abstracts of 1800 characters without spaces in Ukrainian and English (at the beginning of the article). The abstract should contain: UDC, initials and surnames of all authors, title, key words given using a semicolon. Presentation of Abstracts:


Initials and surnames of all authors


Text… (indented paragraph)

Key words:

Abstracts should be informative, structured in accordance with the article (repeat logic description of the results), laconic and clear, with a convincing wording and contain the following obligatory elements:

  • aims (tasks) of the research;
  • materials and methods;
  • the results of the research;
  • conclusions.

Tables should be typed with a “Word 6.0, 7.0” text editor in the text of the article and arranged as follows:

Table 1

The name of the table with center formatting of the page

Figures should be inserted in the text of the article with the compulsory addition of the output file in electronic form and made in the following way:

Fig. 1. Captions (in the center)

Formulas (mathematical and chemical) should be submitted in the text of the article and should be made in the programs embedded in Word or compatible editors.

The information contained in tables and figures should not be duplicated.

The list of references should include publications of the last 5 years. Earlier publications are allowed only in special cases.

  • Each paper in the list of literature should be referred to in the text of the manuscript (in square brackets).
  • Two variants of the reference list should be provided: 
    • the first variant should be made in accordance with the State Standard GOST 7.1-2006 used in theses;
    • the second variant is intended for the analysis of articles in the international scientometric databases. The block References repeat the list of sources with the Latin alphabet, Cyrillic sources should be provided in a transliterated form.
  • Transliteration should be done according to the original language in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 55 dated January 27, 2010 “On regulation of transliteration of the Ukrainian alphabet by Latin” (for the Ukrainian language).
  • The list of information sources in the block References must be done in accordance with the АРА international standard (to prepare a proper reference list according to the requirements of ARA you can refer to the online resource –

Manuscripts made without the given rules are not registered by the publisher and they are not returned to the authors.

After the final approval, the authors of the layout of the article are sent an Agreement on the provision of editorial services to the journal “Social Pharmacy in Healthcare”. 

Social medicine and pharmacy: past, present and development prospects

Historical aspects of the organisation of medical and pharmaceutical care; medical and pharmaceutical ethics and deontology; medical and pharmaceutical symbols; aspects of rational use of medicines, evidence-based medicine; social partnership and social responsibility as a component of the activities of healthcare enterprises; evaluation of the effectiveness of the healthcare system and pharmaceutical provision; domestic and foreign experience in the development, creation, production and quality control of medicines; healthcare information systems; medical and pharmaceutical information; medical and pharmaceutical education; modern healthcare specialist: professional training, retraining, certification, qualification requirements, professional competences; innovative areas of education in physical therapy and ergotherapy; systems for evaluating medical and pharmaceutical technologies: history, current trends, national and foreign experience; socio-economic determinants of health; environmental problems of public health, urbanisation; food safety as an important determinant of health; features and trends in population health, new challenges and threats; medical and demographic problems, population ageing and health; socially significant and socially dangerous diseases (tuberculosis, AIDS, etc.); control of chronic non-communicable and socially dangerous diseases; physical therapy and ergotherapy in paediatrics; application of physical therapy in oncological diseases; modern techniques of physical therapy after injuries and diseases.

Health organization

Strengthening and reforming health care systems; national strategy for building a new health care system of Ukraine; extreme medicine; activities of medical and pharmaceutical institutions in conditions of war and emergencies; development of health care systems in the context of globalisation; preventive strategies in health care; accessibility and quality of medical care, primary health care, family medicine; physical therapy and occupational therapy in cardiology and pulmonology; the latest approaches to the use of physical therapy in internal dysfunctions; physical therapy and ergotherapy after surgery; modern physical therapy and ergotherapy in traumatology and orthopedics; peculiarities of physical therapy and ergotherapy in neurology and neurosurgery; medical and social support of elderly people; management in health care; health care financing; peculiarities of regulatory and legal regulation of pharmacy goods circulation: domestic and international experience; social and psychological aspects of health care professionals; management of pharmaceutical services and their quality management; state regulatory policy in the field of health care organisation and management; medical law and medical legislation in Ukraine and abroad; pharmaceutical and medical provision of the population in the context of health insurance.

Organizational and socio-economic bases of pharmaceutical activities

Formation and development of the pharmaceutical law system in world practice; scientific research in the field of personnel management and marketing; pharmaceutical safety in Ukraine and abroad; comprehensive epidemiological studies. Pharmacopeidemiology; research in the field of social and psychological adaptation of specialists at enterprises and organizations of the healthcare industry; mechanisms, forms, methods of state regulation in health care and pharmacy; social aspects of management of enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry; definition of socio-economic efficiency of pharmaceutical aid; research of consumption of medicines and goods of the pharmacy range; definition of the needs of the individual, individual social groups, regions of the countries, society in the provision of pharmaceutical assistance; medical and pharmaceutical commodities; socio-economic mechanisms for ensuring the availability of pharmaceutical assistance to the population; substantiation of the effective system of reimbursement of medicinal products; the impact of legislation on the development and implementation of medicines; comprehensive research on standardization of technological processes during the manufacture and sale of medicinal products, certification in pharmacy; the system of quality control of medicines in Ukraine and abroad; social aspects of pharmaceutical aid financing, state target programs in medicine and pharmacy; moral and ethical aspects of pharmaceutical provision of the population.

Social marketing and pharmacoeconomic research

Historical aspects of formation and modern approaches to realization of marketing concepts in the field of health care; analysis of trends in the pharmaceutical market; evaluation of pharmaceutical market indicators; research of commodity, price, marketing and communicative policy of pharmaceutical enterprises; social aspects of product promotion in the pharmaceutical market; research of macro- and microfactors of the marketing environment of pharmaceutical organizations; research of aspects of international activity of pharmaceutical enterprises; aspects of innovative development in the field of medical and pharmaceutical provision; pharmacoeconomic research in medical and pharmaceutical practice; assessment of the quality of pharmaceutical care; neo-ethics in the practice of pharmaceutical workers; assessment of patient's compliance.

Privacy Statement

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