Vol 3, No 4 (2017)

Table of Contents

Social medicine and pharmacy: past, present and development prospects

Determination of the content and formation of the concept of social pharmacy in the world and in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
A. A. Kotvitska, I. V. Kubarieva, I. O. Surikova 3-9
The study of the structural and mechanical properties and technological aspects of manufacturing a product for infants PDF (Українська)
L. S. Petrovska 10-18

Health organization

The theoretical fundamentals and methodical substantiation of the complex analysis and modeling of expediency and efficiency when developing new medicines PDF (Українська)
M. M. Slobodyanyuk, O. S. Samborskyi, T. Hermanowski 19-31
The study of the historical aspects of organization of practical training and work practice as part of training pharmacy professionals PDF (Українська)
A. A. Kotvitska, O. Ya. Barkovska, N. B. Havrysh, S. V. Ohar 32-40

Organizational and socio-economic bases of pharmaceutical activities

The study of the aspects of loyalty of pharmacy specialists in domestic pharmacies PDF (Українська)
V. M. Tolochko, T. O. Artiukh 41-51
The study of the pharmacists’ competence in providing the additional services to the population PDF (Українська)
L. O. Hala, Ya. D. Havryliuk 52-58
Determination of the critical parameters of the technological process control for pessaries with acyclovir and essential oils during industrial production PDF (Українська)
O. M. Litvinova, Yu. V. Levachkova, V. M. Chushenko 59-64

Social marketing and pharmacoeconomic research

Marketing research of the domestic market of medicines for the local treatment of dry skin PDF (Українська)
O. I. Tikhonov, L. O. Bondarenko, O. S. Shpychak 65-75
The study of the prevalence and incidence of Parkinson’s disease in different world regions PDF (Українська)
A. A. Kotvitska, O. S. Prokopenko 76-82