The rheological studies of the gel base with a dense extract from burdock




burdock extract, gel, hydroxymethyl cellulose, structural and mechanical properties


A rapid development of civilization and deterioration of the ecological condition of the environment lead to increase in allergic diseases. The studies conducted in several regions ofUkrainehave shown that in industrial centers 10–20 % of the population suffer from allergic diseases, and only 2–4 % in rural areas. To solve the problems researchers and practical surgeons pay more attention to drugs of the natural origin containing a significant number of biologically active compounds, some of them are with the reparative and anti-inflammatory activity.

Aim. To conduct the studies in developing the gel composition containing a dense extract from burdock for its use in dermatology.

Materials and methods. Development of a new drug is based on the general methodological approach to pharmaceutical development taking into account the requirements for a dosage form. To assess the structural and mechanical properties of the gel developed the rheological parameters were determined using a Rheolab QC rotary viscometer (Anton Paar,Austria) with coaxial cylinders CC27/S-SN29766.

Results. The concentration of hydroxymethylcellulose (2 %) has been determined; it provides the structural and mechanical properties required for the gel base. It has been determined that the gel base with hydroxymethyl cellulose (HMC) refers to non-newtonian flow types with plastic properties and has thixotropy. The calculated value of the HMC gel base allows predicting stability in homogenization and storage of the finished drug.

Conclusions. The rheological parameters of the gel with the burdock extract on the HMC base have been studied.


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