Social Pharmacy in Health Care

The journal "Social Pharmacy in Health Care" is a scientific specialist in the field of pharmaceutical and medical (social medicine) sciences. The journal was founded by the National Pharmaceutical University in 2015 and is published in print (Print ISSN: 2413-6085) and online (Online ISSN: 2518-1564) versions. By the decision of the State Appraisal Commission, the journal "Social Pharmacy in Public Health" is included in the List of scientific professional editions suitable for publishing the main scientific results of the dissertations by the applicants of scientific degrees and researches of applicants for the assignment of scientific degrees in the specialties: 15.00.01 "Technology of medicines, organization of pharmaceutical cases and judicial pharmacy "and 14.02.03 "Social medicine".

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II етап Всеукраїнської студентської олімпіади з дисципліни «Фармацевтичне право та законодавство»

Відповідно до Наказу Міністерства освіти і науки України від 17.12.2019 р. № 1580 «Про проведення Всеукраїнської студентської олімпіади у 2019/2020 навчальному році» Національний фармацевтичний університет визначено базовим вищим навчальним закладом для проведення II етапу Всеукраїнської студентської олімпіади з дисципліни «Фармацевтичне право та законодавство», який відбудеться 5-6 березня 2020 р.  
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Vol 5, No 4 (2019)

Table of Contents

Social medicine and pharmacy: past, present and development prospects

The ways of improving the quality and results of the process of managing the image of a higher education institute of the pharmaceutical (medical) profile PDF (Українська)
O. V. Posilkina, A. G. Lisna 3-13
The study of the epileptic population morbidity rate in Ukraine at the state and regional level PDF (Українська)
A. V. Volkova, Yu. V. Korzh, N. V. Olieinikova, L. V. Tereshchenko, Yu. L. Zaitseva 14-22

Health organization

Risk management of the logistics activities in the field of the foreign economic activity of a pharmaceutical enterprise PDF
N. V. Zakharko, R. V. Sahaidak-Nikitiuk, H. А. Gretska 23-30
A comparative analysis of the dynamics of cash payments of families for medical and pharmaceutical services among the total health spending in Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia PDF (Українська)
O. V. Tsurikova 31-39

Organizational and socio-economic bases of pharmaceutical activities

The study of the state of training the social responsibility managers for the pharmaceutical industry PDF (Українська)
Yu. S. Bratishko, O. V. Posilkina 40-48
The analysis and determination of the development prospects of the pharmaceutical market of dietary supplements in Ukraine PDF (Українська)
M. O. Petrovskyi, V. O. Lebedynets, O. S. Romelashvili, V. V. Kasyanenko, Yu. I. Gubin 49-57

Social marketing and pharmacoeconomic research

The study of the expediency of developing a new semi-solid drug based on the extract of Scutellaria baicalensis PDF
G. D. Slipchenko, O. A. Ruban, T. Ye. Kolisnyk 58-65
The market review of drugs for the prevention and treatment of urogenital symptoms in the pre- and postmenopausal period PDF (Українська)
O. I. Ivanyuk, T. G. Yarnikh, O. M. Ievtushenko 66-78