The study of the content of car first aid kits, which buses and fixed-route taxis are equipped with




road accident, first aid kit, the injured, medicine, bus, fixed-route taxi


Aim. To analyze the content of first aid kits, which buses and fixed-route taxis are equipped with, and improve it.
Materials and methods. Publications of scientists and normative documentation on relevant subjects were analyzed using the systemic analytical method; marketing research of the market of first aid kits was conducted; the opinions of drivers of fixed-route taxis and buses were studied using questionnaires.
Results. The situation in Ukraine related to road traffic accidents, namely the number of accidents and people that are died and injured in them, has been analyzed. According to the WHO conclusion under condition that the first aid was provided in time a third of victims could be saved. The condition for rendering the first aid is the presence of a car first aid kit in the vehicle. The content of first aid kit has been analyzed. The complete set of the car first aid kit in accordance with DIN13164 standard developed by the German Institute of Standardization has been studied.
Conclusions. A great number of people injured as a result of road accidents involving buses leads to the need to improve the content of the car first aid kits, which buses and fixed-route taxis should be equipped with, taking into account the world trends.


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