The analysis of the market of metformin-based drugs




antidiabetic drugs, type II diabetes mellitus, economic accessibility, pharmaceutical market


Aim. To analyze the market of antidiabetic drugs based on metformin; to substantiate the feasibility of introducing a new combined drug for the treatment of type II diabetes mellitus.
Materials and methods. The theoretical basis of the research is the scientific works of domestic and foreign scientists. The empirical basis of the study is the State Register of Drugs, State Formulary of Drugs, price lists, and statistical data for 2012-2017. The analysis of price indicators was performed using statistical methods; the cost of a new drug was calculated.
Results. The analysis of the market of oral antidiabetic drugs has been performed by dosage forms, the composition of active substances, the forms of release and countries of origin. Currently, in Ukraine 102 names of metformin-based medicines in the form of tablets – 500 mg, 850 mg and 1000 mg – have been registered, among them 74.5 % of drugs are of foreign origin. A combined drug with a hypoglycemic action (in capsules) containing metformin and benfotiamine has been developed and it has no analogs in Ukraine. The analysis of the price indices of antidiabetic medicinal products indicates their economic accessibility to the population, which has increased significantly due to the introduction of the state regulation (up to 70 %). The forecasted price of the new combined drug has been calculated, the wholesale-selling price calculated for DDD is 2.92 UAH. Thus, the conclusion can be made about the economic feasibility for manufacturing the new combined antidiabetic drug.              Conclusions. The use of a combination of metformin and benfotiamine for the treatment of type ІІ diabetes will reduce the negative consequences of complications of the disease (diabetic polyneuropathy, nephropathy, retinopathy) and avoid significant economic losses.


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