The pharmaceutical waste handling as an important component of the effective implementation of the social function of pharmacies in the context of introduction of Good Pharmacy Practice




Good Pharmacy Practice, pharmaceutical waste, disposal of medicines, the principles of “green pharmacy”, pharmaceutical care, social function of pharmacies


Aim. To define the term “pharmaceutical waste” as an important conceptual category reflecting the expansion of the spectrum of the social function of pharmacies, develop modern approaches to introduction of the “green pharmacy” principles into pharmacy practice and analyze the actual state of the pharmacy activities with medicines that are not subject to further use.    Materials and methods. The materials of the study were the requirements of Good Pharmacy Practice, the official documents of the International Pharmaceutical Federation on implementation of the principles of “green pharmacy”, legislative acts of Ukraine, the results of questioning of specialists. The following methods were used: historical, analytical-comparative, systemic, logical, mathematical-statistical and expert survey of specialists.                      Results. According to the results of processing of official materials of the International Pharmaceutical Federation on the principles of “green pharmacy” and the requirements of Good Pharmacy Practice the key provisions of their implementation in pharmacy practice have been identified. A chronological analysis of domestic legislative and normative acts has been performed; in these acts there are various terms for the concept “pharmaceutical waste” thus making it impossible to use them when developing the national guideline of “Good Pharmacy Practice”. Systematization of the data of special literature allowed determining the key provisions concerning implementation of the principles of “green pharmacy” in the domestic system of pharmaceutical provision. For the effective implementation of the Good Pharmacy Practice rules in Ukraine the definition of “pharmaceutical waste” as an important conceptual category has been proposed, it reflects a significant expansion of the spectrum of the pharmacy activity in the conditions of strengthening of its social function. According to the expert survey of specialists it has been found that in most pharmacies (73.7 %) there are systemic violations of the rules of drug disposal.  Conclusions. According to the results of the research the necessity of development and introduction of a complex of measures concerning effective handling of medicines that are not subject to further use has been proven; these measures should correspond to the modern principles of “green pharmacy” and form a scientifically substantiated basis for developing the section of the national guideline of “Good Pharmacy Practice”.


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