The substantiation of the optimal ph range of the preventive spray for veterinary




antiseptic spray, veterinary drug, silver citrate, copper citrate, pH, stability


Aim. To determine the optimal pH range of the original combined veterinary drug in the dosage form of the spray in order to provide the stability of the solution during the shelf life.

Materials and methods. The study object was the samples of the spray with the content of silver and copper citrate, dexpanthenol, and excipients. The quantitative content of silver ions was determined by the thiocyanometric method. The quantitative content of copper ions was determined according to the method of the State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine 2.0 (SPhU) “2.2.25 Absorption spectrophotometry in the ultraviolet and visible areas”. The quantitative determination of dexpanthenol was carried out by liquid chromatography. The potentiometric determination of pH was carried out using the method of the SPhU.

Results. As the result of the studies conducted it has been found that the sample with the pH of 5.32 produces a blue precipitate and an opalescence of a grayish tint. Over time (24 h) opalescence does not disappear, and the precipitate acquires a gray tint. This fact indicates destruction of copper citrate due to the increase in pH without addition of the excessive citric acid; it leads to formation of copper oxide hydrate. It can also be assumed that the stability of silver citrate in the solution is impaired, and metallic silver particles appear in the form of a precipitate. In these samples the quantitative content of silver and copper ions in the solution did not correspond to the limits set. Samples with the pH from 1.80 to 5.05 corresponded to the limits set for the content of silver ions, copper ions and dexpanthenol, and there were no changes in the appearance of the solution after pH correction.

Conclusions. According to the results obtained the optimal pH range (2.0-5.0) for the solution with the antimicrobial activity under the conventional name “Argocide-copper” – a drug based on silver citrate, copper citrate and dexpanthenol has been determined. This pH level makes it possible to obtain a stable drug. The studies conducted will be used when developing the spray with the antiseptic action for application in veterinary medicine and introducing it into production.

Author Biographies

Zh. M. Polova, O. O. Bogomolets National Medical University

Candidate of Pharmacy (Ph. D), associate professor, acting head of the Department of Pharmaceutical and
Industrial Technology of Medicines

L. H. Almakaieva, National University of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy (Dr. habil), professor, head of the Laboratory of Parenteral and Oral Liquid Medicines


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