The study of the quality characteristics for the choice of cardiological drugs of plant origin




cardiological drugs, cardiovascular diseases, questionnaires, expert evaluation


Aim. To study the assessment of the nomenclature of medicinal products in order to make it possible to select drugs that are most often prescribed by doctors from the whole range of herbal drugs, as well as to identify the nomenclature of ineffective and undesirable to use herbal drugs.

Materials and methods. In accordance with the objectives of the expert evaluation, as well the possibilities of the research, the method of questioning was chosen. It allows explaining the essence of the issues to the experts, providing more thoughtful responses to obtain reliable information about the nomenclature of herbal drugs, their functional properties and competitiveness.

Results. According to the majority of respondents-doctors (59.1 %) the future of pharmacotherapy is in the concurrent administration of synthetic drugs and herbal drugs for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases (CVD). According to the pharmaceutical workers the most important properties of herbal drugs affecting their prescription are the cost of the drug (95.3 %), the effectiveness of the use (80.5 %), the country of manufacture (70.6 %), side effects (60.9 %), the product form and dose (35.6 %), way of administration (26.8 %). It has been determined that the majority of cardiologists (59 % of the respondents) prefer to receive information about herbal drugs from the materials of scientific conferences, as well as reviews and scientific articles containing the results of clinical trials of herbal drugs (63 % of the respondents).

Conclusions. Based on the analysis of the studies it has been determined that it is necessary to carry out the career guidance work among medical personnel for providing information on the latest herbal drugs and methods of treatment, work with patients on informing about prevention of development of the cardiovascular diseases.

Author Biographies

I. V. Sakhanda, Bogomolets National Medical University

Master of Pharmacy, teaching assistant of the Department of Pharmacy and Industrial Technology of Drugs

K. L. Kosyachenko, Bogomolets National Medical University

Doctor of Pharmacy (Dr. habil), associate professor, head of the Department of Organization and Economics of Pharmacy

N. O. Koziko, Bogomolets National Medical University

Candidate of Pharmacy (PhD), associate professor of the Department of Pharmacy and Industrial Technology of Drugs


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Social marketing and pharmacoeconomic research