The current technologies and innovation approaches in educational activities of the Institute of Pharmacy Professionals Qualification Improvement


  • A. F. Piminov National university of pharmacy,
  • D. L. Velikiy National university of pharmacy, Ukraine
  • S. V. Ogar National university of pharmacy, Ukraine
  • O. V. Lukienko National university of pharmacy, Ukraine
  • L. I. Shulga National university of pharmacy, Ukraine



educational innovations, postgraduate education, innovative forms of education, students of postgraduate education system


The modern pharmaceutical industry is dynamically developing and requires qualified and competitive professionals capable of continuous professional development. This problem is successfully solved by the Institute of Pharmacy Professionals Qualification improvement at the National Pharmaceutical University (IPhPQI NUPh). It provides the need of the continuous postgraduate training of the staff of the pharmaceutical sector from the primary specialization (internship) and during further professional development throughout the period of the pharmaceutical activity.

Aim. To summarize the experience of using the modern educational technologies and innovative approaches applied in the education of adults in the IPhPQI educational process.

Results. The continuous process of innovations, which is present in all spheres of activity, dynamizes the labor market and requires pharmacists to adapt to changes in the socio-economic environment as soon as possible and their willingness to develop professional competence during the professional life. According to modern challenges the IPhPQI is updating its educational platform, which reflects the main activities with implementation of global trends in development of higher pharmaceutical education. The involvement of innovative technologies is due to the specificity of the postgraduate education, which is carried out in a rapidly updated information space. The academic staff of the postgraduate education system should make maximum use of interactive methods aimed at enhancing the attention of students to the educational material and its critical thinking.

Conclusions. Modern continuous professional development of employees of the pharmaceutical sector of healthcare is impossible without development and introduction of innovative forms of education. Implementation of the educational model “life-long education” is currently important and realistic for Ukraine; it requires the support and development of subsystems of this model: non-formal and informal education, online education, and other models of education, which correspond to modern educational needs due to the widespread implementation of educational innovations.

Author Biographies

A. F. Piminov, National university of pharmacy

доктор фармацевтичних наук, професор, директор Інституту підвищення кваліфікації спеціалістів фармації

D. L. Velikiy, National university of pharmacy

кандидат фармацевтичних наук, доцент, декан факультету підвищення кваліфікації ІПКСФ

S. V. Ogar, National university of pharmacy

Candidate of Pharmacy (PhD), acting dean of the Post-Graduate Education Faculty, IPhPQI

O. V. Lukienko, National university of pharmacy

кандидат фармацевтичних наук, доцент кафедри загальної фармації та безпеки ліків ІПКСФ

L. I. Shulga, National university of pharmacy

доктор фармацевтичних наук, професор, завідувач кафедри загальної фармації та безпеки ліків ІПКСФ


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Social medicine and pharmacy: past, present and development prospects