Formation of partnership relations between subjects of the pharmaceutical market in promotion of medicines in ukraine and foreign countries




partnership relations, medicines, manufacturers, distributors, pharmacies, tools and technologies of interaction, subjects of the pharmaceutical market


Aim. To substantiate theoretically and practically the essence, content, basic approaches, and tasks to effective formation of partnership relations between the subjects of the pharmaceutical market, which activities are aimed at promoting medicines in Ukraine and foreign countries.

Materials and Methods. To implement the objectives the methods of content analysis, logical analysis, grouping, generalization, graphical and marketing research methods were used.

Results. The contemporary concepts and tools for establishing and developing partnership relations have been studied, the role and importance of partnership relations in the activities of the subjects of the pharmaceutical market have been determined. The essence, peculiarities and types of partnership relations in the links of the pharmaceutical chain “Manufacturer – Wholesale Company – Pharmacy” have been also described. The most advanced tools and technologies of interaction of the pharmaceutical market players, the main of them are: 1C Rarus (1C sectoral programs for automation of enterprises) and CRM systems as a complex of business processes of the company for interaction with customers (Customer Relationship, Min Peak, Win Peak CRM) have been detalized. The method for analysis of trends and specificity of partnership relations between the subjects of the pharmaceutical market based on such criteria as duration of relationships, deep partnerships, the possibility of duplication, reliable partnerships, dynamic and effective partnership relations has been proposed.

Conclusions. The theoretical significance of the research conducted is to specify the idea regarding the importance of partnership relations in the field of pharmaceutical business, which form the basis of the modern strategy of firms, and optimize their resources and opportunities for achieving competitive advantages at the market. The practical importance of the research is that the results obtained can be used for further analysis aimed at creating a more effective and long-term partnership relations between the subjects of the pharmaceutical market in the field of promotion of medicines both in Ukraine and abroad.

Author Biographies

A. B. Olkhovska, National university of pharmacy

Candidate of Phamacy (Phd), associate professor, associate professor of the Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management Department

V. V. Malyi, National university of pharmacy

D.S. of Pharmacy, Professor, Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management


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