Substantiation of the approach to determine the potential capacity of the market of medicines with the specific action (on the example of the group of the antianemic drugs)




pharmaceutical market, potential capacity, antianemic drugs, demand, consumption


Aim. To develop the approach to the determination of the potential capacity of the market of medicines with the specific action on the example of the group of antianemic drugs.
Materials and methods. Scientific publications, reports of the State Statistics Service of Ukraine and the Center for Medical Statistics of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, electronic databases of medical and statistical information and the own research, as well as methods of pharmacoeconomic and marketing analysis were used as materials.
Results. A methodological approach has been tested to determine the potential capacity of the market based on the segmentation of potential consumers and the characteristics of the use of medicines. The potential
consumer segmentation on an example of antianemic drugs by etiological criteria has been carried out, and the size of the segments formed has been determined. The market potential capacity value in natural terms has been calculated. The conversion of the indicators obtained into the consumption units “DDDs /1000 inhabitants of Ukraine / day” has been performed.

Conclusions. It has been determined that the natural sale volume of the drugs studied is considerably smaller than their market potential capacity. It demonstrates the attractiveness and prospects of development of this market due to the uncovered part of consumers who need treatment or prevention, but do not receive them at the moment for various reasons, and inclusion of groups of drugs in government programs of reimbursement when developing the appropriate marketing strategies by pharmaceutical companies.

Author Biographies

O. S. Samborskyi, SHEI “Ivano-Frankivsk National Medical University

Candidate of Pharmacy (Ph.D.), associate professor of the Department of Organization and Economy of
Pharmacy and Drug Technology

M M Slobodianiuk, National university of pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor, Department of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management.

O. M. Ievtushenko, National university of pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy (Dr. habil.), professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management


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Social marketing and pharmacoeconomic research