Scientific generalization of the international framework for the development of the extemporaneous compounding of medicines




magistral formula, extemporaneous compounding, medicine, Formulary, Pharmacopoeia, scientific journal, database


Aim. To generalize the international principles of the organization of the extemporaneous compounding for the purpose of its development in Ukraine.
Materials and methods. The works of domestic and foreign authors, international professional web sites, databases, national formularies, methods of analysis, systematization, generalization, analytical and review were used.
Results. The international experience has shown that the extemporaneous compounding of medicines is used and developed in all developed countries of the world, while in Ukraine this area of pharmacy regresses. In the conditions of modern scientific and technological progress the key to the safe, effective, rational, affordable pharmacotherapy is continuous professional development and access to relevant information. Professional organizations have been created for continuous training in extemporaneous compounding in other countries. All over the world, pharmaceutical information sources are represented by official formularies and pharmacopoeias, scientific journals and online databases. In Ukraine, the main reference sources for the magistral formula are the information letters of the Ministry of Health and 2 professional journals.

Conclusions. Since there is no professional organization in Ukraine (such as foreign ones) that would be engaged in the development of extemporaneous compounding, medical prescriptions have remained almost unchanged for a decade. In this regard, specialists of compounding pharmacies, as well as doctors, can use data from reference sources of information from international organizations of other countries to increase their level of competence. The analysis conducted has shown that most countries of the world widely use the pharmacoeconomic principles for selecting magistral formulas for extemporaneous medicines. The results of the analysis give grounds to develop domestic compounding pharmacies in order to provide the availability, rationality and safety of patients’ pharmacotherapy on the way of European integration
of Ukraine.

Author Biographies

A. S. Nemchenko, National University of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy (Dr. habil.), professor, head of the Department of Organization and Economy of Pharmacy

V. M. Nazarkina, National University of Pharmacy

Candidate of Pharmacy (Ph.D.), associate professor of the Department of Organization and Economy
of Pharmacy

K. O. Tsareva, National University of Pharmacy

postgraduate student of the Department of Organization and Economy of Pharmacy


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