The ways of improving the quality and results of the process of managing the image of a higher education institute of the pharmaceutical (medical) profile




image, image of a higher education institution of the pharmaceutical (medical) profile, management of image of a higher education institution of the pharmaceutical (medical) profile, educational market, process approach


Aim. To develop methodological approaches to the implementation of modern process technologies for improving the process of managing the image of higher education institutions (HEI) of the pharmaceutical (medical) profile in the educational market, which will increase the transparency and effectiveness of this process.
Materials and methods. In order to achieve the aim of the study the analysis of foreign and domestic scientific literature and the current regulatory legal framework of Ukraine was conducted. Research methods were abstract-logical and monographic; methods of control survey and system analysis.

Results. Determination of the essence of the image of HEI of the pharmaceutical (medical) profile has been suggested. The urgency of effective management of the image of educational institutions has been substantiated. In order to optimize and improve the quality management of the HEI image of the pharmaceutical (medical) profile, it has been proposed to introduce a process approach in accordance with the requirements of the international ISO quality standards. The appropriate process model has been built to meet the requirements of the European Educational Standards (ENQA, ESG). Based on the questionnaire developed with the involvement of 238 respondents a list of important qualitative characteristics of the image of HEI of the medical (pharmaceutical) profile has been determined. It has been found that the following components are the most important in terms of forming a positive image of HEI of the pharmaceutical (medical) profile: the reputation and recognition of HEI in Ukraine and abroad; the demand of graduates in the labor market and the quality of their employment; history, traditions and the corporate culture of HEI. The most widespread methods of promoting the image of the Ukrainian HEI on the Internet, which are appropriate for use in the marketing activity of the HEI of the pharmaceutical (medical) profile, have been analyzed.

Conclusions. The introduction of the scientific and methodological approaches proposed to improve the process of managing the HEI image of the pharmaceutical (medical) profile will contribute to: effective implementation of the strategy of HEI; strengthening its image, which will have a greater impact on the target audience and increase the stakeholder loyalty; strengthening the HEI own competitive potential at the educational market and providing the sustainable advantages over other educational institutions, etc.

Author Biographies

O. V. Posilkina, National University of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy (Dr. habil.), professor, head of the Department of Management and Economics of Enterprises

A. G. Lisna, National University of Pharmacy

Candidate of Pharmacy (Ph.D.), teaching assistant of the Department of Management and Economics of Enterprises


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