The analysis and determination of prospects for the development of the market of medicinal cosmetic products in Ukraine




medicinal cosmetics, cosmetic products, pharmaceutical market, cosmetic market, pharmacy assortment


Aim. To determine and analyze the assortment of medicinal cosmetic products sold in domestic pharmacies in order to update the trends and ways of further development of this segment of the consumer market in Ukraine.

Materials and methods. Scientific publications, electronic databases of the State Register of Medicinal Products of Ukraine, the weekly “Apteka” (Pharmacy) and the Compendium Guide, as well as the results of our own research were used as information materials. The sales data of pharmacies in the Eastern and Central regions of Ukraine in the period from January 2018 to January 2019 were analyzed. The methods of marketing analysis, analytical, comparative, content analysis and generalization of information were used.

Results. The structure and features of the modern domestic market of cosmetic products sold in pharmacies have been studied. The range of dermatological medicines has been investigated; the segment of medicinal cosmetics has been analyzed, and its features have been determined depending on the manufacturer, form of release, the content of active substances for all product categories.

Conclusions. Based on the results of systematizing the assortment of medicinal cosmetics at the consumer market of Ukraine the directions and prospects for further development of this segment of pharmaceutical products have been determined. The necessity of further development of the state control system over the turnover of medicinal cosmetic products has been substantiated in order to provide their quality and safety for the consumer health.

Author Biographies

V. O. Lebedynets, National University of Pharmacy

Doctor of Pharmacy (Dr. habil.), professor, head of the Department of Quality Management

I. S. Kazakova, National University of Pharmacy

postgraduate student of the Department of Quality Management


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