Analysis of development trends at the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Kazakhstan

U. Dathaev, A. Shopabayeva, R. Erganova


Aim. To identify the trends of the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Kazakhstan, its characteristics, problems and development prospects.

Materials and methods. The statistic data and the results of questionnaire, as well as the logical, analysis and synthesis, mathematical-statistical and analytical-comparative and questioning methods were used.

Results. Based on the analysis of the statistic data the dynamics of the volume of the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been analyzed, it indicates a decrease in the rate of its growth; moreover, orientation on the own producers of medicines and increase in volumes of export of pharmaceutical products have been determined. The distribution of imports and exports of pharmaceutical products by countries has been considered. The main importers are Germany, France and Russia in value terms, while India, China, Germany, France and CIS countries are importers in physical terms. Export pharmaceutical products from Kazakhstan takes place in Russia (24 %), Mongolia (19 %), the Netherlands (13 %), Turkmenistan (12 %), Japan (37 %), Latvia (8 %) other countries (15 %). Based on the questionnaire of pharmacy specialists the SWOT-analysis strategic matrix of the pharmaceutical industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan has been built.

Conclusions. According to the results of the study of statistical data the main trends in development of the pharmaceutical market of the Republic of Kazakhstan have been determined. Based on the SWOT-analysis strategic matrix built the strengths and weaknesses, external opportunities and threats for the pharmaceutical industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan have been revealed, and the directions of its development have been suggested.



medicines; pharmaceutical market; strategic SWOT matrix analysis; pharmaceutical industry


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