Vol 5, No 2 (2019)

Table of Contents

Social medicine and pharmacy: past, present and development prospects

The paradigm of the professional education program “Clinical Research Management” PDF
O. M. Sumets, О. P. Мykоlеnко, O. V. Kozyryeva 5-10
Methodological approaches to teaching the course “The First Responder” in the National University of Pharmacy PDF
I. V. Kireev, N. V. Zhabotynska, O. O. Ryabova 11-16

Health organization

The analysis of consumption of intestinal anti-inflammatory agents in different countries of the world PDF (Українська)
O. O. Gerasymova, L. V. Iakovlieva, V. O. Taran 17-25
The study of the contents of first aid kits for rescuers and the SESU workers PDF
R. V. Sahaidak-Nikitiuk, G. А. Gretska 26-35

Organizational and socio-economic bases of pharmaceutical activities

Evaluation of the professional activity of pharmacists in pharmacies regarding their responsibilities in ensuring the safe use of medicines PDF (Українська)
O. Ya. Mishchenko, V. F. Ostashko, Ye. M. Kovalenko, Yu. I. Greshko 36-42
Scientific-practical approaches to the management of safety and efficiency of pharmaceutical supply chains by using digital technologies PDF (Українська)
O. V. Posilkina, A. G. Lisna 43-54

Social marketing and pharmacoeconomic research

The analytical review of the domestic market of etherosorbents PDF (Українська)
V. D. Rybachuk, O. A. Ruban 55-62
The substantiation of approaches to the price determination for carvedilol based on the socially oriented marketing policy of the enterprise PDF (Українська)
Yu. V. Baygush, D. V. Semeniv, M. M. Slobodyanyuk 63-74
Marketing aspects of the development of veterinary preparations based on peloids and products of their processing PDF
O. E. Strus, N. P. Polovko, K. I. Smetanina 75-84